A: I think one quite often has the feeling of choosing between the lesser of two evils.

S: Yeah, I agree. I think voting is interesting because it is a spectacle and a way of reaffirming to everyone "Yes, look at us, we live in a democracy".

L: What do you mean when you say democracy?

S: Like the government that we live in. If we live in Germany and we go to vote I think it’s a way of reaffirming that the state we live in and the government that governs us, and the nation that we politically, in a way, belong to, is still running on this moral principle and political organisation of a unity of a democracy. Where in reality many many processes are very undemocratic.

L: And what is undemocratic in your opinion?

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Vote For Me — a dinner talk by six friends in Rome, with illustrations by Tatjana Petschl.

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